How Many Meals Can One Bird Provide?

So, few things drive me more nuts then when I hear about someone tossing out their turkey after Thanksgiving. When I ask how much leftover meat they had, I am treated to the deranged look often reserved for obnoxious children & solicitations for bad things. My mother even had a Home Education teacher almost throw out a turkey with meat on it! Everyone told her the idea of using more from the bird was gross, but weren’t they drooling after she made turkey soup! My point is, don’t throw out your bird after the meal is over! There are so many more possibilities!

Some ideas:

– Pick the carcass- so much meat is thrown out, you can get many meals from one bird!
– Save the skin, fat, veins, etc! You may think this is gross, but lots of flavor come from those bits.
– Save the bones! These are perfect for a batch of chicken stock! From stock comes soup, entrees, and much more!

My favorite thing to make after thanksgiving is Leftover Pie- it takes almost everything you can think of & turns it into it’s own casserole. Recipe is posted here!

Remember, think about the possibilities before you biff it!


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