Marinated Pork Chops

Marniated Porkchops

I also made Lipton onion soup potatoes as a side but what really caught me was the asparagus.

Usually, when I make asparagus to go with a meal, I do it the way my mother-in-law taught me, toss spears with generous amount of olive oil, salt, pepper and bake. Tuesday night, I was not paying attention and accidently grabbed the Old Bay seasoning (same can shape as my black pepper) and applied liberally before I realized what color it was. I merely mixed and continued. My husband and I use Old Bay on French fries a lot and it works out wonderfully.

Moving on!
To my normal asparagus mixture, I added about a Tablespoon of minced garlic (for those you who haven’t discovered the squeeze bottles of minced garlic at the grocery store, you are missing out!) and applied a liberal amount of shaved parmesan! I went nuts with it. Mixed it all and baked it at 375 F for about 15 minutes (we like ours with a bit of crunch) and stirred it twice. It was the best! I overdid the salt a tad but I didn’t mind the saltiness- but the parmesan added a lovely roasted cheese taste with a bit of salt added in and it completed the meal very well.

Don’t be afraid to experiment- sometimes the mistakes are better than the original recipe!


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