Friday Nights

My husband and I have been trying to save a few bucks every week like everyone is want to do in this economical climate. Instead of going out with my parents and their friends every Friday night (all are retired and slightly more financially stable than us) we tend to make Friday nights special dinner nights for just us.

With tax season over, I now have a husband again and was pleasantly surprised to find him home early on Friday afternoon. I had texted him about the absolute rotten day I had ( some interesting clients) and was met at the door where he handed me one of my favorite drinks and told me to relax.

I will post the drink in a bit as I have come up with several that have recently been tested and approved by friends. Mostly, I wanted to share the absolute wonderful meal I literally came home to.

During the summer, the grill is uncovered and my husbands inner chef stretches his arms and warms up for superb feasts of season delight. In our quest to eat healthier- grilling has provided a delightful donation to our cause. Admittedly, it is not always healthy what we put on it.


With our local butcher (and by local I mean 25 miles away) having customer appreciation week, he was able to purchase very nice New York Strip steaks for a reasonable price. All told, after he was done purchasing meat and veggies, our dinner in was still cheaper then a dinner out, and that is without including gas.

My husband never seasons the same way twice, and he cannot tell you what he put in a dish five minutes after he made it because he gets into this creative cooking coma. I certainly do not complain as the results are fantastic.

The strip steaks were marinated in garlic, ginger, wine, worcheshire sauce, soy sauce, balsamic, and “some other random spices I can’t remember” to produce a tender and juicy main event.

The veggies had grated ginger and Old Bay as far as I have been able to deduce- and were spicy without being overwhelming. The tomatoes were a perfect compliment to the steak. He seasoned and wrapped everything in foil and placed on the grill for a “low and slow” preparation. He did like-wise with chopped potatoes, putting EVOO and garlic on them while they roasted. I didn’t really cook anything for this meal, but merely wanted to show you what can happen to make a bad day better. Also, how a man who professes to “randomly throwing stuff together” to get some of the best meals I have ever had. We joke that we married each other for our cooking.

Some of our closest times are experimenting in the kitchen- so learn to combine your love of your spouse/significant other with your love of food, and you can have the best of all worlds!


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