Summer Fruity Splash

I never really drank before I met my husband, but he has introduced me to the occasional indulgence that is enough to be relaxing without being too much. I started mixing drinks due to the influence of a brilliant friend of mine (wave Mary) who has an astounding ability to mix drinks. I have posted one of her recent recipes and will continue to do so. Also check out her drink blog which is in my last drink post.

My favorite summer drink has many variations, and I tend to mix and match depending on what I have on hand. The biggest ingredient is fresh orange juice. I start with 1 shot of Whipped Cream Vodka and, at most, 1/2 shot Peach Schnapps. I then fill to the half way line of the glass with orange juice, and top off with Sprite or Sprite Zero.


Crushed strawberries- they add to the amazement and if I have some girlfriends over, everyone likes crushing the strawberries in a mortar and mixing their own stuff.

Cranberry juice ice cubes- I occasionally make these and pop them in to all sorts of drinks from my Summer Fruity Splash to lemonade. If you throw a couple of these in- it helps keep the drink refreshing and waters it down a bit as you get to the bottom. Also brings out the beautiful colors that remind me of Spring and Summer!

Grenadine- I add this sometimes, with or without, the Schnapps. A little cherry goes a long way but it does add a bit more sweetness to the drink if you feel it is too strong. Usually a Tablespoon or less as it is strong. Interesting side note: Grenadine is made from pomegranates. Pour some in a coke for a Jolly Roger or in a Sprite for a Shirley Temple.


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