San Diego 2013: Day 2

Our second day, Friday, we spent the morning strolling along Seaport Village. We had a lovely breakfast at the Edgewater Grill.

My husband had a tasty layout of eggs, home fries and bacon while I had a truly divine fruit parfait with homemade granola, strawberries, blackberries, and bananas in a fat-free vanilla yogurt.

After that, we made our way to the world-famous San Diego Zoo and had a marvelous time. It was the best zoo experience I have had. ( The best aquarium was an underground one in New Zealand). We were amazed at the sheer amount of planning and greenery, not to mention the wonderful animals. My particular favorite memory involves their special Polar Bear interaction gate where (without glass) a polar bear can rear up on a grate that moves forward and you can stand two feet away (behind a bar of course) and watch them feed the bears! I was up front and thrilled to be so close to my favorite animal.

Dinner saw us at the Harbor House in Seaport Village. My husband ordered a crab topped snapper with garlic mashies. I tried his, and while I am not a seafood fan, I have to say it was tasty.

2013-04-26 18.43.28

I had a fettuchine dish that was green (I know this intrepid foodite (not to be confused with deadite) is still navigating the waterways of foodom, but I usually don’t have many chances to buy and eat funny colored pasta. So this is exciting for me, okay? Bear with me, some day I will be a grizzled veteran unfazed by such blatant displays of culinary experimentation!
Anyways, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese with grilled chicken. Light but still filling with a lovely flavor.
2013-04-26 18.43.24

I ordered the same drink that I had at the Edgewater grill, curious to see what the bartender would come up with- I tell you this, even with the same ingredients, it was a completely different drink!

Much stronger on the schnapps, and I think they put in pineapple juice (def. not my favorite). It was okay, but not nearly as good as the inspired drink from the Edgewater. Edgewater Grill got an extra star for that drink (I prefer to rate on a full dining experience which I rate with a dinner. However, only having had breakfast and lunch there, I felt I could rate a little just on their service and the food I had already sampled).
Desert was a first for me (what I had not the act, I’m not that uncivilized!). I tried Crème Brulee for the first time.
2013-04-26 19.13.57
I heard it would be amazing and phenomenal and a life-changing experience and…
It tasted like vanilla pudding. Maybe I am just an unsophisticated redneck but I was thinking “wow, this tastes like burnt sugar and tapioca.” I have nothing to compare it to, so I imagine that there are other dishes out there that would be mind-blowing, at least for someone else. My husband’s fruit tart looked more appetizing.
2013-04-26 19.14.01

This restaurant got 3 stars, with an extra half star being added on for the amazing view. We were staring over the bay with an exotic bird rescue tent next to us and large, amazing kites in dragon shapes flying in the breeze in the park.

Try this for a lovely atmosphere and good food.


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