San Diego 2013: Day 3

Saturday saw me attending the conference for which we had flown all the way from PA for. I ended up in the hotel restaurant (Manchester Hyatt) at the bar on the bottom floor. I had a limited time for lunch, so I ordered my quick standby: a Quesadilla.

I was pleasantly surprised to be delivered three very large slices full of gooey cheese and nicely grilled chicken, topped with chopped spring onions (a nice touch, I rarely see these for some strange reason) and a wonderful selection of guacamole, house made salsa, and the wonderful standard sour cream.

Dinner was a true treat!

We dined at Miguel’s right outside of Old Town. For those of you unfamiliar with this spot in San Diego, you are missing out! It is a national park and features wonderful shops and great food.

Miguel’s offered tortilla chip baskets where you could sit at the bar and watch them be made right in front of you. I had a mock mojito which was tasty and refreshing with raspberries. Dinner brought on a delight I had discovered in San Antonio, taquitos!

2013-04-27 18.28.57

It was tasty and filling without being spicy or bland!

The steak was perfectly seared and the gaucamole & toppings were fresh.

5 stars


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