Pure Blend Teas

I went to a friends house in Lancaster and we stopped by the farmers market in the center of town. I found one stall selling my weakness- homemade herbal tea blends. I bought three packets of tea. They were a little pricey- I think I spent $12 for all three of them, but the flavors were wonderful!

I purchased a Peach Melba- which is my favorite for a very light, fruity flavor on a cold afternoon. I bought a Nettle Leaf Detox tea that doesn’t have much flavor, but is very comforting in it’s blandness. I detect a bit of chamomile.

Last, I bought a Egyptian Lime Hibiscus- a deep ruby color, it was very citrusy with a sweet overtone.

Recommend for someone who doesn’t mind floating plant bits from loose tea. Very civilized tasting and I will definitely be visiting the website to order more!

Pure Blend Tea

They are based in West Chester, PA

The card says: “Hand Blended Whole Leaf Teas, Matcha and Raw Cocoa from the World’s Finest Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients”

call 484.639.1546 or email pureblendtea@gmail.com & contact Kari Dandrea. She was very helpful and helped me choose the teas I would try.


5 thoughts on “Pure Blend Teas

  1. Ich denke, youve einige wirklich interessante Punkte. Nicht viele Menschen würden auch wirklich über diese, wie Sie gerade getan denken. Im wirklich beeindruckt, dass theres so viel über dieses Thema wurde aufgedeckt und das ist, du hast es so gut, mit so viel Klasse. Gut 1 Sie, Mann! Definitiv fantastische Dinge hier richtig.

  2. Gracias por la crítica sabia usted. Yo y mi vecino se disponían a hacer una investigación al respecto. Recibimos un excelente libro sobre el asunto de nuestra biblioteca local y la mayoría de los libros de exactamente donde no como influensive como su información. Estoy muy contento de ver esta información que estaba buscando desde hace mucho tiempo.

    • I am sorry for the long time for the response. Forgive me, I cannot write/speak Spanish. I am glad this was helpful to you. I only posted something I had enjoyed, I hope you find something you can enjoy as well. Have fun!

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