Everyone Loves Ramen


Everyone has probably tried Ramen noodles at some point. More likely, many have subsisted on them through college and lean times as the go-to food for when you can’t find anything else. Growing up, I knew them as “wiggle soup.” A college professor used to delight in informing his classes that they had enough sodium in one packet to kill a person. Of course, he also tells us they kept him from starving at one point as well while living in a converted chicken coop/garage.

As I started cooking, I became dissatisfied with just following a recipe, particularly when I had done so before and knew that the outcome would be mediocre at best. I credit Ramen noodles with the beginning of my breakout into *gasp* cooking with my gut!

This just means that I stopped following recipes. I started adding bits and dashes until I had something better (or just more interesting) than what I had begun with. I tend to cook with smell. I smell all my ingredients as I am adding and I continue to smell what I am cooking. I rarely have any issues with this method. When I have a cold, my husband cooks as my kung-fu deserts me.

Now, my parents will actually eat Ramen noodles voluntarily if I am making a quick lunch for some reason.

I have tried different flavors and combinations, but I still have a few that are my favorites.

While on a trip to New Zealand to visit my sister, I came across the Ramen equivalent. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what they were called, but they came with little packets of garlic butter! I found this a rather novel idea.

Now, I add my homemade garlic butter ( I will post later) and bits that I find in my fridge. My personal favorite is leftover steak. I chop it into bit size bites, fry it in some seasoning and then add it to the beef ramen after I have added the seasoning packet. I also tend to add minced garlic, soy sauce, and Worcheshire sauce while it is cooking. A bit of fresh parsley is always a nice addition.

I just got some summer savory that smells divine, so I plan on adding that next, possibly with some chicken. I’ve tried the Asian inspired ramen and I prefer to add fresh chopped green onions. What do you like to do?

I plan on making a cold slaw using the ramen noodles and marinating them in some salad mixture.


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