Bleu Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

So once again, I was left to my own devices nearing towards dinner time as my hubby went out to inspect a tractor he was debating on purchasing from a friend’s father. I was hoping to relax tonight through cooking, since I have off tomorrow and today (this whole week rather. Heck, lets call it the whole month) has been a bit stressful. As I have mentioned before, the more I stress, the more I tend to stress cook. Sure I stress eat with the best of them, but I tend to cook more elaborately when I am trying to relieve pressure. Unfortunately, I also can get frustrated easily if a recipe doesn’t go right.


Tonight, I decided to take it easy. I mixed up 1 of the small shots (hubby says maybe 3/4 oz) of Whipped Cream Vodka from Pinnacle, and two of the smaller shots of Peach Schnapps, and then added a whole can of coke and stirred. This tends to be my favorite drink, and it helps me relax when I am cooking to relax. (Note, I don’t do this on a regular basis, please don’t think I am a lush!)

I decided to make my comfort food plate. This is the standard fall-back whenever I am feeling a little blue.

Basically, fried green beans, crunchy onion chicken, and some other side, along with some baked tomato spread bread.

Fried Green beans I will post next with the Crunchy onion chicken. I decided to do tonights side as Bleu Cheese stuffed mushrooms after realizing that my mushrooms would go bad within the next two days. I didn’t start with a recipe, so this is my first attempt and I rather just threw many things into a bowl.

I picked out 6 of my biggest mushrooms, and chopped about 3 of their stems into little pieces and threw them into the bowl. To this I added about 4 oz. of cream cheese and about 1/8-1/4 cup of bleu cheese, mostly some of the bigger chunks in the bowl I had from the store salad aisle. I added also about 1/4 cup seasoned italian bread crumbs, and then threw in some beef broth that I had that needed used up until it was moist. Then I started to stir. If I do this again, I am using my mixture. Since I hadn’t let the cream cheese warm, it was a little harder to mix with a fork. I seasoned the mixture with sea salt, pepper, minced garlic (about 1/2 teaspoon) and a dash of some of my favorite spices. Mostly only a bit of Emeril’s (sp?) and a dash of Oregano. As I was mixing, I would toss in more broth if the mixture got dry.

I stuffed as much as I could into each mushroom, popped them in a high-sided greased baking dish and tossed them in the 375 F oven with the chicken. I hadn’t defrosted my chicken as much as I should have and I wanted it crunch, so everything was in there for about 40 mins. I took the mushrooms out a little before when the cheese got bubbly.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before my husband started devouring them, but he assured me that the mushrooms were really good. I take this in good faith as he usually doesn’t like bleu cheese on his salad or much of anything. They had the lovely bleu flavor without being overwhelming.


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