Sun Dried Tomato Spread Bread

So I bought a jar of something that looked interesting from Giant. It was Sun dried Tomato spread. Having led a sheltered childhood as my husband says, I had no idea this had existed before seeing it. I tend to meander through grocery stores looking for something to strike my fancy while my husband tends to go up and down every aisle while following his lists.

Anyhoodles, I decided to use this as a tomato substitute for some bruschetta. In a microwave safe bowl, I combined margarine, minced garlic to taste (I love garlic, so my bowl had about 2 tablespoons in it or two good squeezes of the bottle(garlic in a squeeze bottle, another epic invention!)) as well as a dash of spice. I melted this for about two 10 second rounds (stop in between and check that stuff is melting lest you set your mixture on fire in the microwave).

I spread this on some sliced Parmesean Pepper bread that we had picked up from the store spread some of the Sun dried Tomato spread on the bread, and then finished it off with a dash of Oregano. I then popped it in the oven (375 F for about 15-20 minutes). What came out was nummy! Even my husband (who hates tomatoes by the way) like this stuff!

You get the roasted tomato-y goodness on crusty bread as a nice snack! Heck, stack some fresh tomatoes on top of that for fun! A friend stopped by and her middle-school aged son ate her whole piece of bread, so you might be able to pass this off to some picky eaters as well!

If you try it, enjoy!



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