Super Bowl


So as I’m laughing myself silly over Arnold’s “Tiny Tennis” and the Transformer Dinosaur (I may have screamed in excitement at the top of my lungs when I saw that one) my husband and I have been enjoying our Party For Two. I decided to make Buffalo chicken quesadillas and homemade guacamole. I visited a restaurant on San Antonio’s Riverwalk and like many, I fell in love with Boudro’s table side guacamole which they put together while you watch and drool.

I wasn’t planning on spending much effort on the quesadilla, so I fried the chicken in salt, pepper, garlic olive oil, and taco meat seasoning, with sliced purple onions and green peppers. Placing the taco shells on the griddle, I arranged the chicken mixture with shredded cheddar and buffalo sauce and heated them until the cheese is all melty. Of course, my kriptonite is trying to flip the damn things. Next time, I’m frying the top separate and just slapping it on when the rest is done! They did turn out really yummy with only minor slippage.

My real fun time was the green stuff (It’s extra by the way). A mellon baller made scooping a snap, and I stuck some sliced tomatoes and mushrooms in some garlic olive oil and roasted it under the broiler for 10 minutes. I mixed orange juice and lime juice in a bowl, mixed in the avocado and my roasted veggies. Added some chopped purple onion and garlic and just started chopping with a kife. Salt and pepper to taste and it’s already half done and it’s 2nd & 5.

Happy Super Bowl!