New year

It’s been a while since I posted, what with starting a new job and everything. I have barely had time to cook and have eaten out a lot more than I wanted, or that I should have. Been driving myself nuts, cleaning up an old chapter of my life, deleting old emails, and stuff like that. (George, if you ever read this, I’m sorry I lost your yahoo login.). I’m just finishing my third week at my new job, and I finally found time to think of a new recipe I want to try. Anyone ever done stuffed taco pasta shells? The concept kind of floors me, as I never considered stuffed shells as anything other than an Italianesque dish.

I pretty much only have deer burger, and I’ve decided I want to mKe my own enchilada sauce! I saw a recipe on a website and had one of those arguments with my inner self. I actually won this one though. Why am I not doing this? Let me count the incentives!

1. 30+ miles from any grocery store other than bent & dents (nothing against them mind you, but the inventory changes too much to plan a grocery list around them)

2. I could do this!

3. With my new goal to waste less and make/grow more of my own food, this makes complete sense.

4. I can choose my own spices and customize flavor.

My inner voice sputtered and couldn’t give me a reason why I shouldn’t.

Does anyone have a good recipe? I’ve seen one that was just tomato paste and spices, but I was hoping for something a little different…