The Monster Garden of Doom

So my husband and I are starting to reap the benefits of a 2,500 sq ft garden. Sadly, our corn may not produce anything this year. We are planning on sending in a soil sample to the college, where they can tell you what is needed to make your garden happy! Ours use to be a field, so I have a feeling it is missing a lot of good nutrients.

Due to impending loss of sanity this winter, I started a large amount of seeds just to see what would happen. What did, in fact happen, was a 95% germination rate on 75 hungarian wax peppers, some of the most mutant radishes we have ever seen, and a 100% germination rate on the tomatoes I started.

The tomatoes haven’t ripened yet, but the wax peppers are yielding with a vengence! I already have plans for a pepper jelly to help with the several gallons we have already picked, let alone the several gallons yet still to be picked. We still have canned pepper rings from last year, so I cannot make more if we aren’t going to use them. This is an effort for us to be smart gardeners. We don’t want to plant for plants sake, we want to actually save money with a garden, and anyone who has one knows, you can sink a lot of money into them really quickly, what with seed purchases, fertilizer, buying the plants already started, and so forth. I’m not even counting the netting and wire I use to hold my tomatoes up. I do find the stakes for free in the local wood working warehouse, as they leave dumpsters of their scraps out for enterprising individuals to paw through and make off with.

Anyhoodles, we just did the first pick of greenbeans. 20 gallons! We are overrun with zucchini and cucumbers, and several spaghetti squash that look like they could feature in their very own sci-fi horror movie are still not even ripe yet!

So what do we do with all of this?


We store what we cannot eat fresh.
I have already made one batch of bread and butter pickles, cinnamon pickles, and raspberry jam. We will end up with several batches of canned green beans, which we go through like crazy. Fried green beans is a standard staple on our dinner table.

I am still planning what to do with the heirloom tomatoes I ordered and germinated, so I cannot speculate on them as of yet.
I am hoping to get something off of our potatoes and lima beans, but it is too early to determine yet.

I will start posting my favorite canning recipes, and the one new one I tried that is really time consuming, but worth the effort…. Cinnamon Pickles!