Hearty foods and fall musings

So much happens through the year, it can be very difficult to sit down and do nothing. Today is the first time in a long time I have been able to sit down and relax, and think about the things I enjoy doing, as opposed to what I feel I have to do.

So, why is there guilt? Regret at all the things you told yourself you would try, accomplish, finish, etc. Guilt that you want to do something that might be fun or because that voice in your head is telling you that others are judging and have found you wanting.

Many things in my life have caused me to review what I am doing with my life, from my job to a family member who is ill, to dealing with depression, grief, and the possibility of loss.

There is no way to prepare yourself, for when your self changes.

The hardest critic is your own self, and can sometimes be the thing that holds you back. That little voice in your head, telling you how you’ll never succeed, or how you should be happy with what you have, not dissatisfied with your own feelings of restlessness, can be the last, and greatest, hurdle.

When your mind churns, the simplest things can be the most calming, like sitting In front of a fire on a dreary day, or making a roast for Sunday dinner. With so much rain from the passing hurricane, I thought a venison roast would be perfect for a lazy Sunday dinner. I have been dreaming of a goulash I had while visiting Slovakia years ago, and plan to use the leftover roast meat to make that happen.

I think about seasoning the roast, and use the comparison of cooking low and slow to the process of making decisions that will ultimately change my life. From the seasoning of the meat, to the makings of the broth, I plan so that my flavors will still help bring multiple dishes together.

The fall weather and the changing leaves make it an ideal day to pair my roast with some roasted vegetables. Stirring together carrots, squash, onions, and potatoes, and simply seasoning with a little salt, pepper, and olive oil. Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the most memorable of flavors.

So while you enjoy your day, and dream of hot chocolate and snuggling, please make sure to schedule some quiet time for yourself before the coming holiday scrabble. Don’t jump the gun like the department stores, but enjoy yourself, that you might enjoy the seasons of well-wishing, so that you may mean it when you wish wellness to others.


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