Food, glorious foodz!

So how do you start a blog? What is the starting point for what is probably one of the most talked about topics in the world, let alone on blog sites? There are oodles upon oodles of yummy bits out there for our tongues to shudder in ecstasy while you try to hid a full on foodgasm from the surrounding masses. (In my case, I am not very good at hiding when I enjoy food & tend to occasionally pull a Meg Ryan ala Sleepless in Seattle. No one has kicked me out yet.)

I have had a few comments, my favorite being from a friend who, while watching me enjoy a Black Silk Tie Mouse Cake from Olive Garden (I do have a recipe that is very similar if not very near the same), said ” I haven’t seen anyone enjoy one of those as much as the last time!” Private joke I’m afraid.

The point being that food is everywhere. Much of it is wasted, taken for granted, or not fully utilized.

You can get so much more out of food items then you realize!

My favorite is the “how many meals can you get out of a chicken” guessing game. With a small roaster chicken, I have been able to get around 4 to 5. Don’t even get me started when I see people throw out a turkey carcass!

So hang around, I will be posting recipes as I go as well.


If you want to share recipes or just have questions/suggestions, please don’t be afraid to contact me!  I will answer as soon as I am able.


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